Qi LS 9,0 MRH Draiveri (Oikeakätinen)
Qi LS 9,0 MRH Draiveri (Oikeakätinen)
Qi LS 9,0 MRH Draiveri (Oikeakätinen)
Qi LS 9,0 MRH Draiveri (Oikeakätinen)
Qi LS 9,0 MRH Draiveri (Oikeakätinen)


Qi LS 9,0 MRH Draiveri (Oikeakätinen)

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Varsi:MCA Tensei Black 65 XS
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The Quest for Inertia 

Our goal with the Qi10 family is to make each driver as forgiving as possible, using advanced multi-material constructions to increase inertia. The Qi10 LS boasts an added level of adjustability and low-spin performance for high swing speed players seeking spin reduction. 

Tour Performance for the Better Player 

Qi10 LS delivers a lower spin and lower launch that is engineered to optimize performance for fast swing speed players. With a deep face and a more compact overall head shape, it is the preferred driver for Team TaylorMade Tour athletes including Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. 

New Infinity Carbon Crown 

An Infinity Carbon Crown covers 97% of the total crown area, creating a strategic advantage for mass redistribution and enhanced forgiveness. At address, it delivers a sleek and clean view that pairs with subtle alignment cues, setting the stage for confidence and success. 

Reimagined Sliding Weight Design 

A new, more efficient moveable weight features an 18g steel sliding weight housed by an innovative track system. The redesigned structure allows the adjustable weight to move farther forward and lower compared to Stealth 2 Plus, resulting in a more forgiving low-spin experience. The sole shape is designed for better aerodynamics and reduced turbulence.   

Improved Energy Transfer 

The third generation of 60X Carbon Twist Face boasts a significantly lighter face than traditional titanium constructions. This engineering feat reduces forward weight and maximizes energy transfer at impact for better ball speeds and preserved performance on off-center strikes. An evolved support structure that bonds the face and protects ball speed on off-center hits.