White Hot OG #7 Slant Pistol


White Hot OG #7 Slant Pistol

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The White Hot OG #7 Nano is a heel shafted, flow neck mallet with toe hang that is best suited for strokes with substantial arc and face rotation. It’s a new design based on this iconic head shape, featuring our legendary White Hot insert, available in both stepless steel and our new red Stroke Lab shaft, each fitted with our new midsize pistol grip

White Hot Insert
The most popular putter insert of all time is back with the original formulation, feel, sound, and performance. When Tour players and recreational golfers asked us to re-introduce it, we listened. 

Milled Surface Finish
A rich silver PVD finish, combined with fine milling on the surfaces, gives these putters an ultra-premium look, unlike any White Hot you´ve seen. They´re beautiful and will appeal to golfers that appreciate the look of a milled design.

High Performance Shafts with New Pistol Grip
Available in a premium steel shaft or our red Stroke Lab shaft: both options are fitted with a New Pistol Grip. We´ve made Stroke Lab Stiffer and more stable for even more consistency in your stroke, and your performance. It´s winning major championships and dominating at the world´s biggest events.